Costa Rica. Peaceful, Friendly, Safe, Exotic & your Unforgettable Family Vacation!

Within a national territory of 19,700 square miles, Costa Rica is slightly larger than Switzerland. Despite its diminutive size, packed within its borders are dozens of majestic volcanoes, vast expanses of jungle, several mountain ranges, countless rivers, lakes and waterfalls, 2 peninsulas, bays and 755 miles of coastline stretched along two oceans.

Costa Rica is unique in so many ways and this variety is what makes this tropical paradise such an exciting place to visit. In the past decade, this small Central American country has become a major destination for travelers from all across our planet with more than one million tourists last year only. Few places on earth can match it for the natural beauty and diversity which is paralleled by a variety of outdoor activities, that range from the serene to the thrill-seeking!

Celebrated for its natural treasures, the primary attraction for many visitors is the 850 recorded bird species and the endless varieties of plants and flowers found in the rainforests. Others come for the adventure of whitewater rafting, biking and hiking mountains and active volcanoes.

Costa Rica also offers some of the best deep-sea and fresh relaxation over excitement, Costa Rica is renown for its beautiful beaches and only now, world class golf.

Costa Rica is an extraordinary place to experience the tropics naturally and with minimal impact. Its reputation for enlightened environmental protection and conservation has become the pride of this small democratic nation. Fortunately, several successive governments continue the efforts for preserving the country’s proud image of being an important ecological haven.